Integrating the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Many people have realized, or are in the process of realizing, that the world we live in is changing, at a deep, fundamental level. One element that has been influential for centuries in the building of the world as we know it is that of abundant patriarchal energy. A great many institutions, both national and transnational, bear the mark of a top-down, male-dominated society; one model which has reached its limits and needs to give way for a more caring, gentle approach or paradigm—that is, a feminine one.

We are now living in an age (the Aquarian Age) when the feminine model is making its reappearance, its resurgence. This repressed and often denied feature (of ourselves) needs to be reclaimed and, slowly but surely, those organizations that do not fit the new mold will face their demise. I have witnessed it firsthand a few years ago when I was part of a small spiritual organization that was run in an authoritarian manner. Membership declined, passion vanished, and eventually, after a final move to new premises to rescue it, the organization closed its doors. Those type of organizations, built on authority, power and sometimes greed, simply cannot sustain themselves in the new age. A new form of spiritual leadership, one that listens within and without, is needed.

This revival of the feminine is not only happening at a societal level; infused by new Aquarian energies, it is also happening at the core of our human lives, given the fact we both have a feminine and a masculine side. These two sides need to be balanced or integrated, so that we can live our lives as harmoniously as possible, taking responsibility for achieving (a masculine trait) as well as cooperating and building relationship (a feminine trait).

The passage below, written ten years ago, and excerpted from The O Manuscript by Lars Muhl, is one of the many descriptions of this trend announcing the return of the divine feminine; so that it can take its due place in the rebuilding of a fair and just society—not one that only benefits the most powerful and wealthy.

Book II The Magdalene – chapter 13

Page 290

In this century a new feminine force is showing itself, a force embracing the entire human being, both body and spirit. It is the force characterized by Mary Magdalene which, for example, we have seen manifested in the twentieth-century feminist movement.
Mariam Magdalene is the manifestation of a new feminine form of energy coming down from above as Rukha d’koodsha (Holy Spirit in Aramaic), a feminine form of energy which is not limited to pure motherliness, the receptive and the neutral, which until now has been the hallmark of the universal feminine archetype.
This new form of energy has come into being as an opportunity for both men and women because the old, patriarchal energy has had its day. This patriarchal energy has been a necessary activating factor which, however, no longer manifests itself for the good of the human race, but solely for its own sake. It is separatist, divisive and egotistical, an earthly flame which is now dying.
The new power is inclusive, healing and altruistic. It is the carrier of the cosmic fire and the living water. It contains everything, both the masculine and the feminine, but it is more feminine than masculine.

Book III The Grail – chapter 2

Pages 320-321

Sylvia, a Danish priestess, is talking to the author, Lars Muhl.

‘Which princess?’
‘The princess within yourself. The feminine aspect within the man. But there is also a woman waiting somewhere out there. If men and women only knew the possibilities they possess when they are together! The initiated ones in antiquity always worked in pairs. Just as Simon the Magus had his Helen, and Yeshua his Mariam, Paul had his Thekla. Not many Christians are aware of this. When they established the Church in the year 325, it was first and foremost a political act, with the purpose of stopping the autonomous gnostic and mystical society which was flowering at the time of Yeshua and in the years after his ceremonial death. When they established the Church, they also adopted the dogmas and some of the rites of the Mithras cult and the Ishtar/Isis tradition, which fitted the political agenda under new headings and names. The rest was silenced. In this way, they literally threw out the wisdom aspect, Sophia, with the bath water. The symbolic Second Coming happens through Sophia, that is the higher Sophia aspect, which is secret.
Find her and you have found the princess. It’s happening now. The Second Coming of the higher Sophia aspect is not just a collective matter but also a process which each and every one of us must go through. That is why so many people, and especially those who work spiritually, experience that these are turbulent times. This implies a confrontation with the old. All that limits us. And that is hard for most people.


I am sharing this excerpt with you because I truly believe that the work of integrating our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine sides will become of paramount importance in order to adapt and thrive in the years to come. Those clinging on to old patterns of patriarchal energy will suffer most as society increasingly honors and acknowledges the feminine within each of us. It is our responsibility to support and help with this movement, and do the work we each have to do to achieve a more balanced state of being—a state that honors, for example, the sacredness of Nature and of planet Earth, one that respects each other regardless of opinions or skin colors, one that promotes values of compassion and love for all.

I also believe that, in addition to my own inner work, I am meant to help people on that integration or balancing path—and probably more men than women.

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